I'll help you tell your story.

For ten years I have been helping clients translate ideas, values and business goals into visual identities and graphic design.

I focus on helping my clients achieve their business goals through;

Brand & Identity

A strong identity is the foundation of a brand. We talk about your story and create a visual identity that tells it. Once established, we'll determine colors, typefaces, social media graphics, and all the necessary supporting elements for today’s digital world.

Brand Development  /  Creative Strategy  /  Logo + Identity Design  /  Art Direction  /  Naming


The web is no longer just on a desktop. Responsive and mobile design is a must and it ensures that your visitors get the best possible experience no matter what device they’re using. I design beautiful digital experiences that work great on all devices, putting the user at the center which produces websites that convert for your business. 

Interaction Design  /  User Experience  /  User Interface Design  /  Website Design  /  Mobile Design  /  App Design


Bringing your brand to life through tangible object. We will take your brands message into the physical world through printed communication with an emphasis on high quality production and sustainable practices.

Promotional Materials  /  Brochures  /  Signage  /  Packaging  /  Posters  /  Stationery

How we'll work together.

1. Clients are our partners.

You know your business and I know design and the web, that's why partnerships will get the best results.

2. No technobabble.

We'll talk in plain laungauge. Creative projects can be complex little beasts so the process shouldn’t be shrouded by industry terms and technical hoopla.

3. Failure is part of the process. 

No creative project comes out perfect first try. If someone says it did… they’re lying. While we strive for perfection but be ready for iteration on the road until we get there.

4. Finding the perfect fit.

Sometimes that’s not me, but it’s cool. Design services come in all shapes, sizes and budgets so sometimes we aren’t the right fit for what you need. But I'll help you find the right company anyway.

5. No Cookie Cutters.

Every business is unique, so the road to your business goals are going to be unique as well. After research and understanding your brand, I'll only design solutions to help your business grow.

It all about the benjamins…

Or loonies in our case.

What does all this good stuff cost? It's sorta like asking; how much does a car cost? A dodge neon is priced differently then a new GTR. They both serve the same function, they get you from one place to the other, but in completely different ways. Creative projects can work the same way, that's why I'll ask you about your budget and figure out the best ways to work within that budget. 

So then how do we start?

The first time we meet I’ll ask you about you and your business. We’ll chat about your goals and budget, then I’ll come up with some ideas about how to meet those business goals. After we agree on the scope of the project and get the paperwork out of the way, we'll get to work. 

Let's build something great together.

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